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Contour Next One Meter

Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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Contour Next One Meter

Scott Benner

A few days ago the makers of the Contour Next One meter reached out to see if I would like to join a webcast announcing their new app that accompanies the Next One meter. 

Here's why I said yes...

When the FDA approves Omnipod's new Dash Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) there will be a bunch of improvements and additions coming for Podders. The new Dash PDM will be sleek, modern and you can hear all about it and other Omnipod news on a recent episode of the Juicebox Podcast featuring Omnipod's COO Shacey Petrovic.  The new PDMs modern look and eye on the future required one change that some Podders may find concerning. There is no more built in BG meter. Shacey and I spoke about the meters removal in the above mentioned podcast episode and I understand why the move was made. Don't get me wrong, at first I was not happy about the change but the decision will bring us more good than bad. Change isn't always fun but this was needed. 

Having two devices combined creates FDA issues, innovation slow downs and it ties the Omnipod device to meter tech the ages quickly. Omnipod searched for a meter to replace the one in the current PDM and they are confident that they chose well. After participating in the aforementioned Contour webcast... I agree. 

So when Omnipod moves to the Dash they will also move to the Contour Next One. The meter is small, boasts impressive accuracy and when combined with the Dash will actually take up less room in your diabetes bag then the current PDM with he built in meter. In all this feels like an improvement in meter tech that positions Omnipod and us for quicker future innovation. 

And that's why I sat through a webcast on a beautiful Friday afternoon...

Here is what I learned...

The makers of the Contour Next One are excited to be releasing the new app (pictured) that accompanies the Next One. Omnipod users should note that when Dash arrives your Contour will not require this app. Your meter will talk, via bluetooth, directly to your Dash PDM. The Omnipod device will use it's own app to show you the information coming from the meter. 

The rest...

Shown with new app (this is not the app Dash users will use).

  • Highly intuitive user-centred mobile app - easy-to-use, simple navigation, easy to use
  • Automatically syncs with the remarkably accurate CONTOUR®NEXT ONE/PLUS ONE meter to capture blood glucose results 
  • Ability to record events such as meals, activities and medication. Users of the app can also add photos, notes or voice memos to help put blood glucose results in context
  • Optional CONTOUR Cloud account for management and storage of data
  • List view and modal day view, activated by changing orientation of device screen 
  • Ability to set meal markers on the app or meter
  • Alerts and messages for critical low and critical high readings 
  • Adjustment of meter settings via the app including all user settings and targets


  • My Patterns: Delivers actionable information at the right time to help users manage their diabetes using 14 smart patterns
  • My Patterns identifies patterns in blood glucose results that could affect the health of people with diabetes, prompts them to think about the causes, and offers easy-to-follow advice and helpful reminders
  • Testing Reminder Plans: 11 different test reminder plans that can help users optimize testing to provide a more meaningful and comprehensive overview
  • View Insulin and Carbs: Ability to view insulin does and carb intake alongside blood glucose readings in one simple view
  • Reporting: Easy-to-read Blood Sugar Diary that includes 1, 2, 4 or 12 weeks of blood glucose values, carbs and insulin, enabling more informed discussions with HCPs
  • Data Export: Data can be exported as a CSV file for use on multiple platforms

Ascensia (they make the Next One) feels that their app can help people living with diabetes to make more thoughtful decisions about their carbs and insulin with the tools the app provides. You can see and learn more in this PDF that they have provided.

You can learn more about the meter, their test strip program and really anything you want to know at

You can get the app on the Apple/iOS app store here and on the Android/Google Play store here.