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My daughter's life with type 1 diabetes, from my perspective. Honest, transparent and not always pretty... this is Arden's Day. How do I take care of a child with diabetes. KidsHealth, Treating type 1 diabetes, OmniPod, Dexcom, When your child is diagnosed with diabetes. Giveaway page.

Arden's Day and the Juicebox Podcast Giveaways

current giveaway - January 3 to 12, 2018

'Bold With Insulin' gift Bag - 2 winners

Winner's bag will include a 'Bold With Insulin' t-shirt, 2 refrigerator magnets, a sticker assortment and 4 pairs of diabetes circle shoelaces. 

There are multiple ways to enter and some methods can be done daily. You can subscribe to the Juicebox Podcast, to my Facebook pages, send a tweet, leave a review on iTunes. There is even a "free entry" that is available once a day. Multiple entries increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

If you don't want to wait for the giveaway to end I created a coupon code that is good until January 20, 2018 at midnight eastern time. Simpley use JUICEBOX20 at checkout for 20% off of your order. Free shipping in the US, 20% doesn't apply to international shipping costs. Shop now

Pink shirts with white lettering are also available but not shown. You can see them here.


I pay the shipping on most of my giveaways so in an effort to keep my cost low, US residents only unless the individual giveaways say differently. Give away rules are simple. I make the rules. Nothing I giveaway has cash value. The winners will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter app that you use to enter. I send an email and give you a few days to respond... if you don't I'll repick (I try not to do that). All giveaways are 'no purchase necessary' type of give aways so you'll always have the option to enter without doing anything. Each give away will also include simple steps to get more entires. For example, "follow Arden's Day on Facebook'. 

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