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Speaking: 2015 JDRF North Central CT and Western MA Chapter Annual Meeting
7:00 PM19:00

Speaking: 2015 JDRF North Central CT and Western MA Chapter Annual Meeting

Save the date for JDRF’s Annual Meeting!

Our special guest speaker will be Scott Benner, author of the parenting book, Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-A-Home Dad and the type I diabetes CareGiver blog, Arden’s Day ( More details coming soon.

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Collingswood Book Festival
10:00 AM10:00

Collingswood Book Festival

Stop by and say hello and then enjoy the best outdoor book festival that I've ever seen.

Collingswood is a reader's dream come true!

Join me on Saturday, October 11, 2014 when festival-goers will have an opportunity to stroll more than six blocks of Haddon Avenue filled with nationally recognized authors/speakers for adults and children, as well as booksellers, storytellers, poetry readings, workshops, exhibitors, kid-friendly activities, and entertainment for all ages. This award-winning festival is the longest-running, largest literary event in the Delaware Valley.

Collingswood Book Festival website 

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Speaking: ePatient Connections 2014
9:00 AM09:00

Speaking: ePatient Connections 2014

I want to applaud Exl Pharma and WEGO Health for not hanging up on me when I answered their question, "Would you be interested in speaking at ePatient Connections 2014".

Why would they hang up you ask?

Because I replied, "I'd love to... just as long as you are good with me taking everyone in the room to task and not leaving until they understand that patients aren't marketing opportunities. People deserve better more big companies, too many glad-handing, shiny website that are designed to look like they aren't an advertisement." 

Since they didn't hang up...

I'll be a featured speaker at ePatient 2014 in Philadelphia, PA this September. My talk, 'Authentic Humanity: Why it Matters Above All Else' will kick off day one of the conference.

If companies want to be involved in our communities... I expect that they will add value and  participate. 

Download the conference brochure.

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Howard 100 News: Leiberman Live
4:45 PM16:45

Howard 100 News: Leiberman Live

I'm going to be a guest on the April 9, 2014 edition of 'Leiberman Live'! 

"Leiberman Live” on Sirius XM Howard 101 is a daily news show on the Howard Stern channels. 

 Jon Leiberman

Jon Leiberman

Jon Leiberman is a seasoned journalist who appears on the Howard Stern show and on television shows regularly discussing the news issues of the day.  This 15 minute show couples expert opinions with the opinions of those from the Howard Stern world.  The end result is a mixture of information and entertainment sure to inform and entertain.  Catch it all day on Howard 101! 

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8:00 PM20:00

Conversations of Care: Book Club Interview

Conversations of Care: Book Club Interview


Join me on January 29th as Tami Neumann and I talk about type I diabetes caregiving and my book, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal', on her show Conversations of Care.

I love to read a trait that I got from my mother. She always had a book in her hand. Because of this love of books, each month I will be featuring a book that you can read right along with me and our featured author. Then join us in the conversation about the book the last Wednesday of each month.
— Tami Neumann
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6:00 AM06:00

Howard Stern News: Book Mention


Listeners of the Howard Stern Show will hear a short interview with me today about why I thanked Howard in the acknowledgements of my book, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'.

A huge thank you to Jon Leiberman for his interest in my story. Jon has his own Sirius radio show, 'Leiberman Live' which airs daily, Monday-Friday at 4:45pm EST on Howard 101.

Let me know if you hear the clip, it should run all day during the show.

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