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Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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The Art of Dana Lechtenberg

Scott Benner

The internet is a magical place for so many reasons, here's one of them...

I listen to a number of podcasts and one day I was drawn to purchase a t-shirt from one of them, a show called FEaB (Four Eyes and a Beard) starring Matt Mira from the Nerdist Podcast and Scott Mosier from Smodcast with director Kevin Smith.

Hold tight this gets interesting quickly.

So I buy this t-shirt and wear it at least once a week because I love the design. Months later on a Friday evening I see a tweet from Scott Mosier congratulating someone named Dana Lechtenberg for winning an award for his art, the accompanying image in the tweet reminds me of stuff I've seen elsewhere online. 

I click...

It turns out that Dana's album design has won an American Advertising Award, and with that I fall a little bit further down the digital rabbit hole that is the art of Dana Lechtenberg. It isn't long before I realize that this might be the person who designed my beloved FEaB t-shirt. My interest is thoroughly peaked, and I begin to devour Dana's art on his website

I soon find that aside from creating art for podcasts like FEab and Nerdist, Dana is an accomplished artist and advertising designer and I just can't get enough of what he does. Before I know it my family is in bed and I'm about to do something a bit crazy.

Somewhere between being enveloped by the warmth of his Fantastic Four piece and my instant love of his use of color, shading and dimension - it hits me why I'm so drawn to Dana's art... 


It reminds me of my banner image on Arden's Day...

Arden is good sport about having her picture on the top of a website that a lot of people see but once in a while she makes a request for me to find a new image - seems that she doesn't like that she is so young in the picture. I've been promising her for months that I will find a way to replace the image but have asked her to understand that after eight years, it's become more of a symbol than that of a picture. She understands. If I'm being honest I've been in a small, but constant panic about how to replace the image, stuck between wanting to honor Arden's request and not knowing how to do that. 

My love for Arden and desire to fulfill her desire led me to do something that I wouldn't normally do, I wrote to Dana and asked him if he would consider designing new images for Arden's Day and the Juicebox Podcast - here's where the Internet can be magical... he said yes!

Very soon the man behind all of the images that you see here and more that you could see on his website, will be creating original artwork for my type I parenting blog and podcast. I could not be more excited to see what he comes up with! I told Dana that I feel like my image of Arden is what one of his pieces would look like if it came to life. His use of color, warmth, perspective and the feeling of texture that his work evokes - well, I am just beyond grateful for his kindness and simply can not wait to rebrand Arden's Day and Juicebox with his work. 

How can it be possible that my blog and podcast will soon be adorned with the art from the same artist who designs for some of the biggest podcasts in the world? Easy answer, sometimes the Internet can be used for good. But I don't need to tell that to a bunch of people who use it in the way that we do. People living with type 1 diabetes know all about supporting strangers in need.

A huge thank you to Dana for his good will, Scott Mosier for his tweet and Kevin Smith for always encouraging folks like me to start a podcast. 

The next episode of the Juicebox Podcast goes up tomorrow (Ep4. Texting Diabetes) and then there will be a special episode going up later in the week (instead of the following Tuesday), my interview with Ryan Reed, the 21 year old NASCAR driver with type 1 diabetes who just won the Xfinity race in Daytona. To not miss a minute, go to and subscribe now.

Arden's Day is the Wego Health 2011 Health Activist Award winner!

Scott Benner

So excited... I'll post more later when my heart stops beating so fast.

What a wonderful surprise it was to be chosen from among so many deserving and wonderfully written health blogs. A day after learning that I won WEGO Health's 2011 Health Activist Award in the 'Advocating for Another' category, well,  I'm still a bit in shock. 

WEGO Health houses an amazing collection of communities and blogs about a sweeping range of medical issues. It's members offer advice and support to countless people that need it. If you or someone that you know is living with a medical condition and looking for community, I strongly suggest that you click on this link and see if there is a group tailored to your specific need - I bet that there is.

I want to thank WEGO, the independent judges and the type I diabetes community for embracing what I'm trying to do with this website. It was a genuine honor to be named as the winner in such a broad and powerful community of people. I'm proud of this site and the words that you'll find on it. Moreover, I'm happy beyond words that it helps people. Thank you all very much!


We have a winner! Amazon Gift Card giveaway.

Scott Benner

Many entered (some unknowingly) but only one could win...

I am please to announce the winner of our first giveaway. The results were tallied (pulled from a hat) by the accounting firm of Arden, Hat & Arden. The results have been confirmed (I looked at the slip of paper) and now it is time to reveal the lucky winner!

Please imagine a BIG drumroll before you keep reading

Our winner is Cherise Shockley! Cherise is a diabetes advocate extraordinare! She has a wonderful blog about her experiances as a type 1.5 diabetic and is also the founder of the DSMA. As a matter of fact, if you don't know her name or something that she is involved in... well, I'd be surprised. Check her out on Twitter @Diabetic_Iz_Me or learn more about her Blue Friday's innitiative. She is a lot of wonderful things but at this moment, what she is more then anything else, is $50 richer!

Thanks to everyone that participated! If you'd like to keep up with other Arden's Day giveaways, consider taking a moment to become a site member. There is one other giveaway going on right now, surf over and take a look.

Untitled Giving Project: Insulin Pumps & CGMs for kids

Scott Benner

It has long been my dream to find a way to give insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to children that need but can't afford them. Today after two years of research and preparation I am ready to take the first step towards making my dream a reality. 

I hope that you can imagine with me the collective good that would come from lifting just a part of the massive stress that managing a child's type I diabetes brings to a family. My family is lucky enough to have good insurance and the means to pay the out of pocket costs that are associated with these fantastic devices. I feel a grand desire to help the children that aren't as fortunate. I have a plan, an agreement to buy devices at cost and enough enthusiasm to lift my house, I just need one last thing... a little help. My goal is to identify and outfit the first child with a device by the spring of 2012. After that I'm going to keep going until I can't find another child suffering or struggling with multiple daily injections and wishing that they could use an insulin pump. I'm going to keep going until every parent has the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their child's CGM will wake them when blood glucose levels get dangerously low. Until type I is cured - I'm going to make these focuses my personal mission. I have the time, the knowledge, the desire and hope.

If I've ever helped, taught or inspired you please follow this link to find out how you can help me help others.