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Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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Podder Talk

Scott Benner

Thank you to Omnipod for highlighting the Juicebox Podcast in their Father's Day blog post!

Two Podding parents chat about being bold with insulin, not being a diabetes defense attorney, and creating great content that helps people manage their type 1 diabetes. 

Check out Amy’s post and the podcast conversation that we had.

Sanofi Insulin Pricing Program

Scott Benner

from press release - 4/10/19

Starting in June, Sanofi will further expand its innovative Insulins Valyou Savings Program so people living with diabetes in the United States can pay $99 to access their Sanofi insulins* with a valid prescription, for up to 10 boxes of pens and/or 10 mL vials per month. The expansion of this program helps to address the challenge too many patients face regarding unpredictable and unaffordable pricing for their insulin. 

People living with diabetes in the United States can pay $99 to access their Sanofi insulins* with a valid prescription, for up to 10 boxes of pens and/or 10 mL vials per month.

People exposed to high out-of-pocket prices at the pharmacy counter can participate in the Insulins Valyou Savings Program regardless of income level. This includes those who are paying high retail prices for their insulin and those who don't qualify for other patient assistance programs. 

Under current government regulations, pharmaceutical companies cannot offer this type of program to patients insured under Medicare, Medicaid, or similar federal or state programs, though Sanofi supports changing rules to expand this access program to all those who might benefit.

For more information or to learn how to access this program, visit

Additional patient resources available for accessing Sanofi medicines

Sanofi continues to offer other resources to make insulins more accessible including co-pay cards which may limit out-of-pocket expenses sometimes to $0 for all commercially insured patients regardless of income level. In addition, Sanofi offers assistance programs that provide medications, including insulin, at no charge for qualified low-income, uninsured patients through the patient assistance component of the Sanofi Patient Connection program. Together, these programs demonstrate the company's dedication to finding support to help people living with diabetes gain access to the insulins they need.

Sanofi also encourages anyone who is prescribed a Sanofi medicine who may be having financial challenges or trouble navigating their insurance, to call Sanofi Patient Connection at (888) 847-4877 where eligible patients can be connected to the medicines and resources they need at no cost.

* The Insulins Valyou Savings Program does not include Sanofi's combination insulin product.

The entire press release is available

Pathway to Stop Diabetes

Scott Benner


Image courtesy of Pathways to Stop Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association has just announced an initiative called Pathways to Stop Diabetes. Here is a brief snippet from their website about the program's intentions.


We realize that it takes more than natural talent for young researchers to realize their full potential. It takes comprehensive support every step of the way. To make the career commitment to diabetes research attractive, fulfilling and rewarding, Pathway to Stop Diabetes will provide that support in every way.


I think that it's very exciting to see such a large organization thinking about research in a different way. It's also encouraging to see that program financially backed so significantly by pharma companies. I hope you can take a few minutes to learn more about Pathway.

If you are a brilliant young scientist, are raising one or know a young researcher that may be interested in being at the forefront of discovery. Please consider diabetes research as your field of focus. Pathway offers researchers mentoring, grants and much more. Who knows, maybe you're the next Frederick Banting, MD. 


More blurbs from the Pathway to Stop Diabetes website:

"Our vision is simple yet revolutionary: find a new generation of brilliant scientists at the peak of their creativity, then provide them with the freedom, autonomy, and financial and professional resources to set them on the road to breakthrough discoveries."

"Diabetes research is critically underfunded. Twice as many Americans have diabetes as have cancer. Diabetes is over 20 times more prevalent than HIV/AIDS. Yet National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for diabetes is 1/5 that of cancer and 1/3 that of AIDS. On a per-person-affected basis, diabetes funding is a rounding error in comparison. This difference has persisted for decades." - more

Arden's Day wishes the Pathway program a very successful (but hopefully short) life!

Be well,


Readi Pak from Sanofi (GiveAway)

Scott Benner


Did you know that Sanofi recently launched a multi-purpose bag venture? I didn't either. The entire thing seemed a bit odd to me at first, so I reached out to them with a few questions. 


Was Readi Pak a company that Sanofi took over/rebranded?

Sanofi US designed Readi Pak after recognizing a need for a convenient and discreet way for people living with diabetes to carry around their diabetes supplies.

What made Sanofi get into this business? What is the goal?

Sanofi strives to help people manage the complex challenges of diabetes by going beyond the molecule to develop and deliver best-in-class innovative, integrated and personalized solutions that address real needs people have in managing their diabetes every day. We designed the Readi Pak after recognizing a need for a convenient and discreet way for people living with diabetes to carry around diabetes supplies. To make this a relevant solution, we wanted input on the design and usability of the bags from those newly diagnosed with diabetes and shared our early prototypes with a small local student group (many of whom have type 1) for their feedback and opinions. We are pleased to offer new products such as the Readi Pak in order to help people manage their diabetes every day.


Are there plans to expand with other products?

At this time, this is a pilot program and we do not have any plans to expand or other products under development.  However, our vision is to serve as a valued partner to the diabetes community by listening and engaging in a dialogue directly with people living with diabetes, and these conversations help us identify new opportunities to provide diabetes solutions that are truly relevant.


Now it makes sense to me why the company that makes Arden's insulin got involved in the D-accessory business. I've seen and used a Readi Pak and it's a solid product, appears very well made and was designed with diabetes in mind. It comes with a removable kit for your more often touched supplies and has plenty of room for all of the rest. It even has a reusable ice pack. 

Enough of all that, let's get to the fun part.

I have three Readi Paks, one Camouflage, one Blue and one Pink Swirl (that I used to evaluate the bag (it's clean/new don't worry) to give away. I don't have many giveaways so please don't expect an elaborate system to be put in place to choose the winners. What you can expect is this... I'll be putting names in a hat and then asking Arden to draw them out. I assume no liability and offer no warrantee for the bags. If that sounds good to you... read on.

Anyone living in the U.S. (and that's only because I'm paying shipping) that is interested in winning a Readi Pak should comment below "Please Enter Me". Be sure to leave your email address in the provided place so I can contact you for a mailing address if you win. The drawing will be, let's say, Saturday, December, 22, 2012. Entries arriving before 9 AM on that day will be included in the drawing. Please include your color choice in the comment and I'll do my best to get it to you. There is only one rule, please just one entry per physical mailing address. 

To learn more about the Readi Pak and to see the other colors, go to

I was not compensated by Sanofi/Readi Pak for this post. I'm even giving away the bag that was offered to Arden.


Scott Benner

A few months ago Discuss Diabetes introduced Diabetapedia (di-ah-bee-tah-pee-dee-ah), "a digital resource developed with the goal of creating a single, comprehensive place where anyone can find and share definitions of diabetes-related terms and phrases".

I loved the idea of the site when I learned of it because I can remember when I first arrived in the DOC, there was so much jargon, abbreviations and diabetes slang that at times I didn't know what anyone was talking about.

The site lets users search, suggest and enhance terms related to diabetes... it's pretty awesome! There's even a widget that bloggers can add to their sites so that your readers can look up a word or phrase on Diabetapedia without ever leaving your blog. I've added it to Arden's Day on the lower right side of our page, just under the search field for this site.

Sanofi US Diabetes and Diabetapedia helps support the Diabetes Hands Foundation and Diabetes Advocates (I am a member of DA). You can learn more about DHF and their relationship with Sanofi US Diabetes here