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Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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Victor Garber has Type 1 Diabetes and a new show on the CW

Scott Benner

Legends of Tomorrow, Titanic, The Flash, Alais, Legally Blond, Godspell; the man's IMDB page is a mile long!

Victor Garber stopped by the Juicebox Podcast to talk about his life with type 1 diabetes, his new show on The CW (a spinoff of The Flash called 'Legends of Tomorrow') and a diabetes charity that he supports called 'Beyond Type 1'.

You can listen now with the inline player above, on iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app - search for Juicebox Podcast. Please don't forget to subscribe!

Set your DVRs ~ Don't miss Victor on the series premier of 'Legends of Tomorrow', January 21st on The CW.

Its not often that someone is this willing to speak so open and honestly about their life with diabetes. I'm genuinely grateful for Victor's willingness to be transparent about his journey with type 1. It doesn't matter if you are a person living with the disease or someone just hoping to hear about his work on Legends... Victor Garber's kindness and desire for people to learn from his life overflow in this episode - I think you'll love hearing what he had to say, I certainly loved speaking with him!

"Whatever happens, I'll just make it work... because that's what i do." - Victor Garber

Show Notes

Learn more about the OmniPod tubeless insulin pump. When you try a free demo pump you are supporting the Juicebox Podcast. Thank you!

Victor is on Instagram

Take a moment to learn more about, check out their website.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes today!

Listen to the Juicebox Podcast online

Watch the trailer featuring Victor as one half of Firestorm!

Have Questions for Dexcom? Ask them here!

Scott Benner

Your questions for Dexcom on the Juicebox Podcast...

Soon I'll be interviewing Mike Mensinger from Dexcom for my podcast. Mike is the Director of Mobile and Cloud Services Software Development at Dexcom - in short, Mike knows all about the apps and software at Dexcom and we are going to get to pick his brain, ask questions and offer suggestions.

At the moment we are in the middle of working out a time that works for us and will be recording this podcast episode either in the next few days or sometime next week. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation don't hesitate. Leaving your thoughts as a comment on this post will help me to keep everything in one place but if you have something that you feel is private to add, feel free to email me. 

Thanks in advance for participating! I'll do my best to get everyone's questions in during the time that Mike and I have together. In the meantime you may want to listen to my podcast episodes with Dexcom's CEO Kevin Sayer and their EVP Steve Pacelli.

The Juicebox Podcast is available online, at iTunes, with Stitcher and everywhere fine podcasts are heard.

Have any questions about Dexcom for Nick Jonas?

Scott Benner

Short and simple post today...

Tomorrow myself and a few other diabetes bloggers are getting to listen in on a conference call with Nick Jonas about his Dexcom use. I'm submitting my questions for Nick later in the day and thought I'd see if you have any that you'd like me to include.

Also, I'm doing my best to get the audio from the call so that you can hear it and I've inquired about putting the call live on Periscope (though that's not looking good)... Good stuff! Post your questions for Nick in the comment section below.

Sometimes Your Blog Makes Me Feel Like a Failure

Scott Benner

A long time ago on a blog far far away lived the father of a little girl who has type 1 diabetes... 

Many years ago during a conversation with a fellow diabetes parent named Michelle I learned something about my blog that I was painfully unaware of... "Sometimes", Michelle told me, "Sometimes your blog makes me feel like a failure". This was of course, not my goal.

I was crushed because it wasn't Michelle who failed, it was me

Michelle and Mason

Michelle and Mason

Michelle went on to share with me that while she enjoyed Arden's Day and found it to be refreshing and honest, it felt like my writing focused more on what went right with diabetes and in fact that the lack of relatable 'diabetes fail' conversations left her feeling as if everyone was 'succeeding' but her and that she was failing her son Mason.

I took her words to heart

I spent the next few days rereading my own blog and I could see what Michelle was talking about. I wasn't purposely just talking about the 'good stuff' but my attempt to be positive for the community was definitely coming off slanted in that direction. So I changed how I share online with Michelle's brave words as my guide. The adjustment was difficult in many ways but also incredibly rewarding. Anyway, that was a long time ago and today I pride myself on how honest and completely transparent this blog is - Not only is Arden's Day now a complete reflection of my life with type 1 diabetes but I've seen the power of sharing the good and the bad and how it has helped to buoy other families in their times of trouble. 

I owe all of that, to Michelle Golladay and she is this weeks guest on the Juicebox podcast.

As you listen to Michelle and I talk about parenting and diabetes she'll spend a few moments telling me about a Parent Advisor Program that she has helped to set up at the Akron Children's Hospital - bringing the DOC IRL! I've included links here and in the show notes of the podcast, local Ohio residents and those interested in learning more should check them out.

You can listen to our conversation right here with the embedded player, on iTunesStitcher or your favorite podcast application. 

Adam Lasher on American Idol

Scott Benner

It was only a week ago when Adam Lasher first appeared on American Idol. Lasher's pre-audition interview with Ryan Seacrest revealed that he is the nephew of guitar legend Carlos Santana, but his famous Uncle was just the beginning of what would be a rather strange and wonderful audition.

The next three minutes were a whirlwind of oddities that culminated in Adam performing his original song 'These Shoes' and a golden ticket to the American Idol Hollywood round that airs tonight on Fox.

Adam wore a bright blue headband that appeared to be more functional than style oriented. His face and dark beard instantly reminded Jennifer Lopez of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, her comments must have made it back to New York because the next day Fallon was dressing up like Lasher on his show.

Adam and his Uncle Carlos courtesy of

After the Jimmy Fallon frivolity came to an end Keith Urban asked, thinking it was Lasher's phone, about a small case clipped to his guitar strap. It wasn't a phone in the case, rather Adam has type 1 diabetes and was wearing his Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) so that he could watch his blood sugar level.

When the time came for Adam to play the judges finally realized that the thumb on his playing hand was broken and wrapped in what Harry Connick Jr. called, "a raggedy-ass lookin' cast" but non of that mattered because soon, despite his broken thumb, tossed hair, type 1 diabetes and an only so-so Fallon impression, Adam Lasher's music is revealed to be as soulful as it gets and he earns a ticket to Hollywood Week. 

Tonight a rabid base of Idol viewers, many who live with type 1 diabetes in their lives, will be cheering for Adam to move on to the next round.

You can hear Adam on The Juicebox Podcast talking about his Idol experience, diabetes, how he broke his thumb and much more.


Adam performed 'Wicked Games' during Hollywood week and was put through to the next round! Check out the video... stay until the end when Harry Connick Jr. says, "I think he's a super star... I think he's got something". Good luck to Adam as he competes!