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Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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What Diabetes Blog Week Means to Me

Scott Benner

Last night after Arden's softball game she and I took a walk to the water ice truck to get Arden a cold treat. At the same time, Cole was two towns away getting ready to play in a baseball game. Arden and I were rushing a little bit so that we wouldn't miss too much of Cole's game. As we made our way back to my car I stranger stopped me. She reached out her hand sheepishly and said, "Hi, you don't know me but I know you" and then she introduced herself. She continued, "I read your book and I wanted to tell you...". The rest of what the stranger said was wonderful to hear. She loved the book and made some touching comments about my writing. 

About an hour later Arden asked if she could get something from the snack stand, we were now a considerable way from home and on a different baseball field, watching Cole play. When Arden returned from the stand she gave me my change and told me, "The woman at the stand asked me if my name was Arden, when I said yes she said that she loves your blog and reads it every morning". Arden went on to tell me that the nice woman (Hi if you're reading!) explained that her son was playing on the other team and that he had type I.

A woman in the stands must have overheard Arden because as we were bolusing for her pretzel, the woman began to tell me that she also wears the OmniPod. We spoke for some time about insulin pumps, type I and Arden's DexCom G4.

What does any of this have to do with Diabetes Blog Week?

Arden's Day will be six years old this summer, and my being published is in large part due to the fact that I write this blog. When I began blogging I never imagined that I'd be giving a woman insulin pump advice at a ball game, or that the concession mom in a town I've never visited before would make a point of stopping in here to see what was going on. I certainly never expected to be the author of a book. But yet, here I am and I have Diabetes Blog Week to thank. 

A number of years ago, the first time that I wrote for DBW, I was under whelmed by the pieces that I produced. They seemed boring to me and repetitive. I hated that I didn't have a voice of my own. It felt like I was just dictating my experiences - the writing lacked personality, my personality. I almost let that feeling deter me from blogging, almost - but I really wanted to participate in blog week. It was then that I found the style that I have written in since. Today, I write the way that I speak, I follow the pentameter of my voice and tell stories that originate from the deepest and most private depths of my heart.

I really did almost stop writing this blog one day many years ago. Diabetes Blog Week kept me going.

This past week has been crazy around here. I've been learning how to budget my writing time better because I've accepted some freelance work (That I can't tell you about just yet - sorry), I'm trying to support my book release and there is talk of me making an appearance on TV. Busy, busy... in a good way but not in a way that allowed me to blog this week - which made me sad. I thought every day about DBW and felt terrible when I realized that I wouldn't have time to participate this year.

I hope that you have a great weekend, that you were able to check out lots of diabetes blogs this week and that something that you read or wrote for it... changes your life.