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Arden's Day Blog

Arden's Day is a type I diabetes care giver blog written by author Scott Benner. Scott has been a stay-at-home dad since 2000, he is the author of the award winning parenting memoir, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. Arden's Day is an honest and transparent look at life with diabetes - since 2007.

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Appreciation & the reality of Arden’s disease

Scott Benner

The stock market lost 777 points yesterday which you probably know represents the single largest drop in it’s history.  Our banks are going under and our President got on TV last week to tell us all how bleak things are looking. 

I wanted all of you to know that it is not lost on me that I am, in the middle of all of this uncertainly, asking you to make a charitable donation to the JDRF.  Bad timing to say the least and I do feel even more uncomfortable asking this year then in in the past.  

Acting as an advocate for the JDRF and by extension for Arden does at times test your resolve.  There are few things harder then asking friends, family and strangers for money -- especially when things are as we find them today.

At the risk of sounding too dramatic....  Please consider that if we lost our home is this crisis, Arden would still have diabetes.  She would still have to get 9 or 10 shots everyday and 9 or 10 finger sticks everyday.  If we lost our job, we would still need insulin, needles, lancets, meters, test strips and glucagon, everyday.  If we lost our insurance Arden would still need to visit expensive specialists at least four times a year, just like every one of the over 13 million diabetic children in this country have to.  If we lived in a cardboard box in an alley, I’d still have to get up at two in the morning to make sure Arden isn’t heading for a seizure.

Finding a cure and making advancements in Arden’s treatment can’t slow down.  It can’t wait until things get better.  We have to keep moving forward until this horrible disease is but a distant memory.  I appreciate the situation we are all in today and it is with the weight of that appreciation on my mind that I ask you humbly to consider my request.

As I am about to post this the Dow just opened up 225 points, a hopeful sign.  So in a time when hope may be all any of us have, children like Arden need a little more then usual.  No contribution is too small.  Please consider making one today. 

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Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

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A cure is close and together we can find it.